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Welcome to Drishti Solar

Drishti Solar Pvt. Ltd. is a modern day enterprise dedicated in harnessing the solar power. We devotee ourselves in research, developing and production of renewable energy, LED light source and some innovative solar products which could be very essential in our daily life. We came into the business to generate awareness towards solar power and reducing the carbon emission helping reducing the alarming pollutants within air to build a cleaner environment for our next generation.

We are mostly looking forward to build a power independent India by a rooftop solar installation along with high maintenance service. We are specialist in developing and installing Solar Power plant of any capacity starting from 1o KW to 1 GW and beyond. First we are trying to bring the solar usage at consumer level at a serious note. We are trying note to make it a luxury but to make it essential and turn this to be a part of our like other electronics goods which we are using for last few decades.

We have done collaboration with one of the leading solar PV Panel manufacturing company in India to support our daily need and we constantly working with them towards people needs and trying to make the solar affordable starting from normal people from household to business level.

We are also trying to maximizing the usage of Solar by attaching the LED light with the Solar so to maximize the ROI towards solar. At the beginning we came into the market with few selective products like Solar PV Panel, Solar water heater, solar water pump, Solar charger, Solar Lantern and few other common products. We will bring few more innovative products into the market which will be the daily needs of regular people and be affordable to them. We are doing research and market study continuously over the market demands and people requirements.

We, at Drishti Solar, started our journey creating two campaign like #BuildPwerIndependentINDIA and #WelcomeSolarEnergy. This company started by two very young enthusiastic people who are serious about the expansion of use of this free energy among the public headed by Trisha Dutta, Managing Director of the company. Being a Woman Entrepreneur she wants to make this cause a successful one.


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